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RNPS personnel

The RNPS Association holds no records about individual members' service or medal entitlements.

The main record of service is the form S-459 which records name, next of kin, postings, rating, etc. and is a potted account of each member's entire service. The original document was handed over to the member on discharge and there is no duplicate on file. Only brief details are likely to be recorded in the Ministry of Defence archives and so this prime record is the main source of any detail and is likely to be found amongst the member's personal possessions.

Limited information may be available from archived sources. Which department to approach depends on the date of joining of the person enquired about and whether or not commissioned.
The departments dealing with old service records have changed a number of times. In the past for ease of access we have repeated the details on this page but because they can go out of date without us being aware, the best place to find the details is the Royal Navy site:

Click for Royal Navy Service Records

The Ministry of Defence will normally only release the information from service records to the subjects of those records or to their next of kin. MOD may charge a search fee, which cannot be refunded.

If you have vessel name then the following may be able to help:

Royal Naval Historical Branch
Ministry of Defence
24 Store
HM Naval Base

Medal Enquiries
MOD Medal Office
Room G36
Innsworth House
Imjin Barracks
Telephone enquiries are handled by the
Joint Personnel Administration Centre (JPAC).
Freephone (UK only): 0800 085 3600
Telephone (from overseas): +44 141 224 3600

For all other records see the Veterans UK site, which offers a considerable amount of information and advice about all aspects relating to veterans including service records, pensions, medal claims and other veterans issues.

Copies of the Silver Badge are usually available from the militaria dealers Dixons.


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